wasmcloud Shell (wash)

wash (the wasmcloud Shell) is a single command-line interface (CLI) to handle all of your wasmcloud tooling needs. This CLI has a number of sub-commands that help you interact with a subset of the wasmcloud ecosystem:

  • claims - Functions related to reading, writing, and verifying claim attestations
  • ctl - Interact with a live, running lattice control interface
  • drain - Functions for managing the contents of the local wasmcloud cache
  • keys - Functions for generating, listing, and working with ed25519 encryption keys used for signatures
  • par - Functions for working with provider archives, bundles of native libaries and claims for a capability provider.
  • reg - Functions for interacting with OCI registries
  • up - Starts a wasmcloud host as well as a REPL prompt for interacting with the host and its lattice.

For more detailed information on what wash does and how you can use it either from the command line or from Rust, take a look at the Rust documentation for the wash-cli crate.