Running on Kubernetes

There are a couple of options for running wasmcloud in Kubernetes, and choosing between the two involves weighing your needs and constraints within your target cluster. You can either schedule and configure a wasmcloud host runtime the same way you would any other docker-based workload, or you can populate some or all of your cluster’s nodes with krustlet hosts, which are capable of scheduling wasmcloud actors directly.

Scheduling in a Pod

Scheduling a wasmcloud container in a pod involves the same activities as scheduling any other kind of container. For more information, consult the Kubernetes reference documentation.

Scheduling Actors Directly via Krustlet

Scheduling actors directly via krustlet means creating Kubernetes resource definitions where the “image” is actually a signed wasmcloud WebAssembly .wasm file. In order to be able to do this, you’ll need to install and configure krustlet within your Kubernetes environment. Then, you will need to use the krustlet wasmcloud provider to schedule actors.