Install with docker

Let’s install NATS and the wasmCloud host runtime with docker. You should have already installed prerequisites and wash.

Download the sample docker-compose file and put it into your work directory. This compose file will run nats, a local OCI registry, a redis container, and the wasmcloud_host container. In this format it’s easy to run all the necessary services for a wasmCloud host with only a docker installation.

Starting the wasmCloud host with docker

With the docker-compose.yml file in the current directory, start the processes with

docker-compose up

The host will run until you type ctrl-c or close the terminal window. To start the docker-compose process in the background, add a -d flag:

docker-compose up -d

If the wasmCloud host is running in docker in the background, you can view its logs (live) with

docker logs -f wasmcloud

That’s it! Let’s move on to Getting started