Install with Docker

Let’s install NATS and the wasmCloud host runtime with Docker. You should have already installed prerequisites and wash. Additionally, make sure your Docker install has Compose v2.

Download the sample Docker Compose file and put it into your work directory. This compose file will run NATS, a local OCI registry, a Redis container, and the wasmcloud_host container. In this format it’s easy to run all the necessary services for a wasmCloud host with only a docker installation.

Starting the wasmCloud host with docker

With the docker-compose.yml file in the current directory, start the processes with

docker compose up

The host will run until you type ctrl-c or close the terminal window. To start the docker compose process in the background, add a -d flag:

docker compose up -d

If the wasmCloud host is running in docker in the background, you can view its logs (live) with

docker logs -f wasmcloud

That’s it! Let’s move on to Getting started