wasmcloud is a suite of tools and libraries that can be used in a number of different use cases and patterns. The first thing you will want to install is the wasmcloud core, which includes the default host runtime binary and the wasmcloud shell (wash) CLI.

If you plan on building capability providers or working within the Rust ecosystem, we highly recommend that you install Rust in addition to the core.

(Linux) Install the Package Cloud Repository

wasmcloud utilizes for our deb and rpm package builds.

You can find our page here for more information.

curl -s | sudo bash
curl -s | sudo bash

Install wasmcloud and wash

sudo apt install wasmcloud wash
sudo dnf install wasmcloud wash
snap install wasmcloud --devmode --edge
snap install wash --devmode --edge
brew tap wasmcloud/wasmcloud
brew install wasmcloud wash
cargo install wasmcloud wash-cli

⚠️ M1 Mac Users - The default WebAssembly engine for wasmCloud, wasm3, does not currently support M1 Macs. You can still use wasmcloud and wash by installing with the wasmtime feature flag, shown by the following command:

cargo install wasmcloud wash-cli --no-default-features --features wasmtime

⚠️ Windows Users - Windows is currently only supported when loading capability providers as static plugins. We highly recommend using the Windows Subsystem for Linux for the best wasmcloud experience.

(All) Install from Source

The wasmcloud and wash repositories are open sourced on GitHub. Both of these repositories can be cloned and build locally directly via cargo, provided you have Rust installed.