Testing the New Provider

The easiest way to test your new capability provider is as follows:

  1. Start up a new local OCI registry (we have an example of these docker-compose files in multiple sample repositories)

  2. Upload the newly-created provider archive to the local OCI registry (You can use wash reg push)

  3. Upload an actor that utilizes this provider to the local OCI registry (wash reg push), or simply load a signed actor file. An example of doing this can be found in the run the actor section.

  4. Use ctl link inside the wash up REPL to establish a link (no values necessary) between the actor and the provider. Note that even if you don’t supply configuration values, an actor must be linked to a provider (and have sufficient claims) before it can communicate with it.

  5. Use ctl call to fabricate a JSON payload that matches whatever inbound request your actor uses to trigger the payment provider. In the previous section we used CheckoutRequest that might have a JSON body as follows:

        "payment_entity": "ab3428cj2q34kdas23j0123_123",
        "payment_token": "token1"
  6. Since the response will be serialized in message pack format, the data may look a little ugly in the REPL log, but you’ll be able to see your actor using your new provider in the output.