Create the Scaffold

Creating the scaffold for a new actor in Rust is very easy. First, you’ll need to make sure you have the generate cargo plugin:

cargo install cargo-generate

Once you’ve installed cargo-generate, then we can create a new actor using wasmcloud’s new actor template:

cargo generate --git --branch main

You should see output similar to the following:

cargo generate --git
 Project Name: example
 Creating project called `example`...
 Done! New project created /home/test/wasmcloud/rust/example

This creates an empty actor with the only function being the initialisation of the actor and a default, mandatory health checker. Let’s take a look at the created src/ file:

extern crate wapc_guest as guest;
use wasmcloud_actor_core as actor;

use guest::prelude::*;

fn init() {
    // Register your message handlers here

There are two external dependences here: wapc_guest and wasmcloud_actor_core. wapc_guest provides the ability to receive function calls according to the waPC specification. wasmcloud_actor_core contains the data types required by all actors, namely the health check request and health check response, and CapabilityConfiguration, a struct used by capability providers to receive link data for an actor.

The attribute actor::init will create a default health check message handler. All actors must respond to health checks whenever the host runtime requests them. This is how the host runtime can tell if an actor that may appear to be running is truly healthy. Let’s move on to defining some new message handlers.